08 May, 2014

Knitting Season

I finally got the knit sticks out again.  While it was sick season it was a good time to just sit with the boys while they wanted cuddles or just closeness. 
This one was a nice easy knit.  First time I have knitted with 2 colours like that & I was scared but hey, it was easy after all.  The pattern was easy fortunately.  I used Cascade Yarns that we recently got in at work.  Pacific Color Waves is the blue one & the 220 Aran is the plain black.  I like the combination but not particularly thrilled with the scarf.  For one thing it is really short.  For another it isn't reversible of course.  I prefer a scarf to look the same both sides & not have a front & very noticeably different back!  Oh well.  It was still good experience & made me feel better that I have attempted something new.  Anyway, the Chain link scarf isn't too bad. 

1 comment:

Bron said...

Love that colour choice....yes a two sided scarf would be difficult to wear if you are after the right look.....still it will look super cosy in the dead of your winter xx