26 May, 2014

Crochet Weekend

The mood struck on the weekend to do a spot of crochet again.  I got caught up for about 5 minutes to the CAL.  Then I remembered that it was the day to post a new square.  

So the first one is Heatwave which I actually did some time during the week but just realised I hadn't posted that one yet either.  

This one is Mum's the Word, which was actually the square posted on Mother's Day which was a coincidence.  

This one is Waldo's Puzzle which is one from last years CAL!  Ekkk..  yes I am a bit slow.  But I picked it up yesterday to just do cos I felt like it.  I still didn't get the rings hooked up correctly though!  Darn it!  But I don't care.  I wasn't undoing it all.  I still like it.  It's pretty.  It's also very wavy at the moment.  But I don't block my squares either so it will just have to pull flat when I put them all together.  

So there you go!  Some crochet & a computer to blog them on!  lol  Double bonus!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the colours. Don't know how you did the rings, they look pretty good to me.