06 May, 2014

Land Ahoy!

Another of the embroidered cartoons to show you.  I have got them all done actually.  The last 2 weeks have been school holidays here but very uneventful as from Easter through to this past weekend we have all had sickness in the house.  Actually the last day of holidays saw both boys outside working in the garden & playing outside which was good.  I think DJ is finally well after over a week. 
 So the holidays were quiet with nearly all the time spent at home regardless of the weather.  The raining days just make it easier to stay in.  But we just had to stay home.  So I did get a fair bit done in that time.  But no blogging with no computer at home.  Way behind on everything.  But it made the holidays quite relaxing really & restful.  So it wasn't a bad thing really. 
BJ returned to school quite eager thank goodness.  Very rested & ready to learn. 
I will post the last 2 cartoons when I can make the stay the right way.  They are really cool.  

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Bron said...

They are really cool....sorry to hear that the kids have been unwell....doesn't make for a fun bunch of school holidays at all. Not having a computer is also a bummer....I would find it very hard.....I never thought I was a technological person but I am thinking I might rely on it all more than I am willing to admit. Xxxx