07 April, 2012

Thought For Food Friday - on Saturday

It was a bit tricky to post anything last night with a massive electrical storm.  I don't think I have seen lightning go on here for so long.  Was a spectacular sight & a fitting end to our little dinner party.  We told our guest that the show was for her party - a little early birthday party before she leaves for the UK again today.

Anyway, it was Good Friday yesterday & although it was that, we did have a little Easter & Birthday dinner. It was nice.  We don't usually bother too much with that whole fish thing but they all did end up eating salmon as our guests provided that & Stu cooked it.  Main course was this...

Herb-crusted Salmon

Couscous Salad

They enjoyed their fish it seemed.  I don't eat fish.  Don't like it really unless it has absolutely no flavour & doesn't taste fishy at all!  lol  So why bother you ask?  I don't really!  Instead I had some beautiful German bratwurst sausages.  Oh heaven.  I could eat those everyday.  BJ had plain old sausages as he likes everything very plain.  At least his tastes are moving along a bit & he is eating a few more different things these days.  Like his couscous, but it mustn't have anything in it.  He did eat brown rice the other night.  Hahahaha...  I called it couscous though & he polished it off no worries.  Last night however, I dressed up his Easter plate a little - made fancy Easter couscous.  He loved it & the rabbit disappeared down a hole so fast!  (rabbit missed out on a carrot as we didn't have any!) Gotta love food successes like that!  I am sure we will have to reinvent a whole range of things now.  I have some really cool boys stuff cookie cutters so couscous diggers & trains it may well be.

Now after all that flapping about with main course we got to the good stuff.  Dessert!

When I was compiling my shopping & menu lists the other day we had a slight hiccup with the oven.  So I planned dessert with no oven in mind.  Good thing too cos this was pretty good.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Tart

It does sound as good as the name suggests.  I really felt like eating mousse.  It was good.  I did the one last night with dark chocolate like the recipe suggested.  I am currently making another one with milk chocolate & that one is for tomorrow.  Of course there is still half a dark chocolate one in the fridge but we will see how long it lasts!  The only thing was that the base was too thick & rock hard.  I left out a couple of biscuits from today's version & left out some of the butter as there was too much in the first place.  It really is an easy recipe though & was a crowd pleaser.  Looks much posher than it was to make.  Those sorts of desserts are always good.  So make a note of this one!  You will be the star of your dinner party!

Also this past week we had a meal of

Curried Sausages

I don't like my mum's old version of curry sausages (sorry mum but I know you aren't surprised!) & was hesitant about this but I shouldn't hesitate when Stu is cooking!  It was good.  Definitely something we will have again.

OK, I'd better go do some cleaning up.  Happy Saturday & have a great Easter won't you!

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