18 April, 2012

Here I Am

I've been having a rest.  Pretty much!  Just kind of conked out on all fronts & really couldn't be bothered with much of anything for a bit.  It gets frustrating as I have so many things to do but didn't have the be-botheredness to do any of it!  There has been a lot going on too so juggling can get a bit OTT at times, so I just didn't add too many juggling items to the mix.  I am really bad at juggling.  I am not joining a circus anytime soon based on my juggling skills that is for sure!   (except maybe as a clown & I really hate them so maybe I had better not scare myself as that!)

Anyway, Easter has been & gone.  We have eaten chocolate.  Got some more today which was an unexpected bonus!  I did suddenly have this idea to work on a square or 2 on Sunday though, so I did start on this one.  I did rush with it as I only finished it today.  I got this book 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares in the mail the other week.  (another really good bargain book!)  I had not done any of my squares since we did the last one for the CAL.  That was ages ago & the next one is coming up in May so I made a start on one from the book.  It turns out there are a few of these on Ravelry, but when I went to add this one to my project page earlier this one wasn't in the pattern file.  That was odd.  Trust me to pick the one that wasn't there.  I started another one just before & that one isn't there either!  So it's lucky for me I have the book!  This square is called Berry Beauty & I did an extra round of the popcorn stitch pattern to make it bigger & then added a couple of rows of double crochet as well.  It needed to be quite a bit bigger than the book had it for the sake of my squares.  It's OK though.  

Here is a picture from today just because.  BJ dinking DJ on a bike at playgroup this morning.  First time DJ has been up to things like that.  He's growing up way to fast being 9 months old last week.  

OK, stay tuned for more rambling, I will be back of course.  Hopefully it won't be so long this time between.  


Bron said...

Hey so nice to see you are Ok ...well done for keeping up with those lovely squares.

big B said...

The square looks wonderful. I really have to learn how to crochet!

Sally said...

Oh I am no good at juggling either. I get totally freaked out and overwhelmed when there are too many things going on and tend to just stand in the middle and watch everything fall on the floor around me.
... I like clowns though.

AND I love seeing BJ wear his hat!!!