08 April, 2012

Amigurumi Easter

Here's my latest creation.  This is the carrot & rabbit from the book Amigurumi Toy Box.  I still have it from the library for another couple of days but I will run out of time to do all I want from it still!  This one I have made for DJ for Easter.  He got this & a book from the Easter bunny that I found in his room this morning.  lol

BJ is on a sugar high I think.  This is the first year he has really been excited by the Easter bunny & chocolate & stuff.  We had a little clue led Easter bunny hunt in the garden.  We are avid fans of "Going on a Bear Hunt" book so I started the hunt off with that.  But since it is Easter we had to make it a rabbit hunt! Lucky for us we have carrots in the veggie garden still!  Of course that is where you would find a rabbit!  Apparently it was good fun but hard work according to BJ.  lol  That's good, at least it was worth our while in doing.  He loves hunting for things.  We had to go armed with a map too even though we weren't using a map for this one.

Anyway, have fun with your kids if you have them going hyper today!  Happy Easter to you all!


Mami Made It said...

I love the bunny in the carrot! What a lovely idea!
Wish you Happy Easter!

big B said...
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big B said...

That carrot and bunny are so sweet! I love the bunny's pink nose. Happy Easter to you too :)

Sally said...

Now that carrot is just showing off!!!