23 April, 2012

The Last Three

Thank goodness it was raining on the weekend!  It gave me a good opportunity to do some crochet time!  It was nice to sit & do some.  I was determined to get them done now.  I did these three over the last couple of days. They are all from the book 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares!  The top one is High Noon,  I started on Thursday night but got stuck on those puffs!  So I ignored it & figured it out on Friday.  Finished it Saturday.  The second one is Lilac Time & I think this is about my favourite square of them all.  I don't know what it is about it that I like but I do.  Sunday I did the last one, Cluster Dome.  It's OK & it does the job of completing the squares.  I have 20 for the blanket.  I have 2 that I haven't used.  They are too big.  My squares are about 9" which isn't so bad.  It will make a nice lap blanket or something.  I have them set out & yesterday was able to experiment with a few different joining methods to find the one I liked the look of the best.  I have two rows together!  Woo hoo!  I'm excited!  I never thought I would have it finished so soon but had a bit of  oomph suddenly last week to do some & now the end is near.  BUT...  once they are together it will be the big desision to make on how to edge it!  I haven't thought about that at all up till now so bother, that will be a whole other experiment.  

So that was my weekend.  Very lazy but productive too.  I am ready for sleep now after a long night on the couch with my baby possum snuggled on me.  Only problem is that DJ isn't as small for snuggling on my tummy quite so easily as he used too be.    Off swimming shortly with the bigger boy so hopefully that will wake me up a bit if the endless cups of coffee don't do it!   


angelina said...

hi mandy mo, hope you are all well. hows the weather there ?
we are moving home to georgia in november sometime, maybe october if i am lucky !! its too blahhhh up here, i cant stand it ! :))))

Sally said...

It is raining here this weekend... haven't made it to the crochet yet. Trying to catch up with all my bloggy friends. I've fallen a bit behind... but I can't explain why. Life I suppose... although nothing particularly exciting or hectic is happening.
Anyway - I like High Noon best I think. They're all so good though.