27 January, 2018

Taking Stock - January

Making :  socks for the window display at work.  lol
Cooking :  almost nothing, Stuart is doing it mostly.
Drinking :  Baileys
Reading:  old books that have been on the shelf too long.
Trawling:  patterns
Wanting:  too cool down
Looking: at the tide times for best swimming conditions.    
Wishing:  I could swim in pools.
Enjoying:  the sea like I have never before!  lol
Liking:  the lazy holidays
Wondering: if the heat will be back.  
Loving:  our front garden.
Pondering: how the prep before school starts will go
Listening:  to "mum mum mum mum mum mum mum"
Considering:  zero waste ideas.
Buying:  not much.  Trying to keep out the rubbish.
Watching:  Chicago Fire again.
Hoping:  school going back is drama free.
Cringing:  at how fast the holidays have gone.
Needing:  longer holidays
Feeling:  pleased with out garden goals
Celebrating:  the birth of the foal!

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