17 January, 2018

Fairies or Pigs

We had a little time out to a place we hadn't been to before.  It was fun.  All I told the boys was that we were going to Pig Island.  I had only heard of it & wasn't entirely sure where it even was.  

We found it though & did the walk around it.  We discovered little fairy or elf doors in some of the trees along the way which was really cute too.  

Since then I have discovered it is also called the Fairy Walk.  So whether it is Pig Island or a Fairy Walk I don't know as we didn't see either of them.  

We had fun though & dropped a lot of Tas Rocks on the way around.  A play in the playground & a spot of knitting was good too.  

Can't beat ice-cream on a day like that too so that rounded it out nicely.  

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful day out exploring and finding a place like that. Bravo!!!