29 January, 2018

New Things

Been having some crazy hot days here.  Hot like we haven't known for quite a few years.

It's been good in ways.  Swimming has been in.  Lazy days have been in.

So what better way to try to keep cool is to be cool & take up the hexie fad.  Actually it's not really a fad as they have been around for a very long time.  But I had never tried them.  So I dug out some fabric cuts I had, got some rather big hexie papers & some glue sticks.  Yeah, you don't have to hand stitch the papers in these days.  Gee, that went fast.  Magic glue & sticky tape.  Who knew.

I also know people.  Lots of crafty people.  But particularly crafty people that do lots of paper piecing.  Thank goodness I talked about it, as my friend Karen put me on the right track in stitching them in the first place.  Phew.  So that's been fun.

Now if that wasn't enough, I have been procrastinating over this heel pattern that I got probably six months ago.  It's been nagging me & I decided to just jump in & do it.  So I cheated with the sock.  Pretend sock, which consisted of about 5 rounds, just so I could get to the heel.  Experiment with new stitches & new techniques.  Wow, that was simple.  Most impressed.  So now I want to get onto a new pair of socks so I can do a whole sock with it in to see how it fits properly.   

It's good to learn new things!  What do you have planned for this year?  

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Anonymous said...

What a clever idea you came up with !