09 April, 2017


We've had a lovely rainy weekend.  Some beaut rainbows & some awesome thunderstorms.  

Lots of time in there then to finish knitting my rainbow socks.  I love this wool, though it doesn't show as bright here as it really is.  Teamed with the black for highlights I love it.  Winter is coming & sock season with some new socks won't be far.  

This crazy chicken lady is loving hanging out with her chickens.  They dodged the rain today for some play time made themselves cozy in the dirt we filled in last weekend under the fence to keep them in.  It's worked at least.  My little buddy Snowy lets me pat her a bit now which is pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very relaxing. I love the colour of the socks. Just don't put both these pastimes together in the chicken run!