05 April, 2017

Cushion 4

BJ was asked to another birthday the other day.  I shouldn't have got excited at the prospect should I?  I was though.

Only because I wanted to make another cushion!  

We went through the fabrics to see what we had that BJ would be happy enough with to give his friend.  Fortunately this large print of Star Wars comic covers was a winner.  I had actually purchased it recently with this child in mind.  So that was lucky.  

This time BJ wanted the name on it too.  So I went to print it up this morning while trying to work out where I would place it.  

A lightbulb moment!!!  

Sometimes those moments are good & sometimes they are bad.  

Fortunately for me, this wasn't such a bad one.  I needed a Star Wars font.  Google & Pinterest are my friends.  The only thing I couldn't remember was how to actually get them into Word.  Google my friend again!  

As you can see I have squeezed the name into the top piece of the comic.  It isn't obvious this time, not like the last Star Wars pillow.  The child was turning 6.  This child is turning 9.  So lets have a little play.  I am waiting now until after school to see if the boys pick the name out easily or not.  

ETA - This pillow was a hit. They were fascinated to find his name on it.  Kind of stopped them in their tracks I think!  lol

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Anonymous said...

Where do you find all these fabrics? Pity I didn't find any when my children were small.