25 April, 2017

Not Always Successes

I am branching out.

Trying new things again.  

I needed a new challenge.

So this time a stretch knit for me.  It's only a t-shirt actually.  But I had to start simple.  I also had some fabric that I got as a remnant from that spotty shop.  Cost of around $2.50 which is good to ruin isn't it!  

Last week I learnt a lot doing that jacket thing for BJ.  

This week I learnt some more.

Don't use this poly-interlock knit fabric is the first & most important.  It ladders.  You would think it was a pair of stockings.  Ladders without even sewing.  The edges just ran.  

No matter what I did I couldn't get a nice edge on it to neaten the raw edges.  The practice pieces went well.  Fortunately I could turn the first 2 sleeves into practice pieces too as there was just enough horrid stuff to make 2 more sleeves.  Sleeves & hem are now not over edged.  Isn't going to matter as I can't save it.  The ladders in the hem were already going around the pressed edge.  (it's ok remember!  It's only $2.50!  )  

I hadn't done a neck bias edge before either.  Looked good.  I think I did a good job of that.  But my head wouldn't fit through.  I did unpick a bit & restitched it with a different stitch to give a little more but that didn't help & the stitches snapped on one attempt over my head.  (2.50!)  

When I finally had all pieces together badly I found I had almost got the sleeves the same length!  Go me!  

So it's a bit tight.  I actually posted my pictures on a sewing inspiration group I am in on facebook.  Well the brains trust there soon had me pointed in the right direction on what the issues were & tips on how to do different things.  Turns out I wasn't imagining how awful the fabric was as it was a common problem with this stuff & one lady even returned all hers to that spotty shop for a refund because the ladders were terrible!  And if I had wanted ladders I would have gone to Bunnings not Spotty! 

Well here is my picture, taken by an 8 year old.  From his perspective it's probably better.  My chins are gone. I think the 8 year old was the most impressed with my attempt.  That's pretty sweet.  

So as a result I will try again, with it's matching pattern.  Just because I have to.  I can't let it win.   I have some more remnants to use, or some super sale pieces to practice on.  Like I say to the boys constantly, you won't get better if you don't practice something & you can't just give up when it is a bit hard.  So I had better make a point of doing what I say occasionally!  


Anonymous said...

Well, looking at the result no one would know you trouble at all. Keep trying and you'll fly ahead.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

It's looking great to me :)