11 December, 2011

Where have the days gone?

Far out the days are just flying by aren't they? I have been trying to get on here to post this for a few days but life has taken me in other directions each time. I've had a sick big boy last week & a sick little boy this week so it hasn't left much time for anything else when all you can do is hold, snuggle, rock, comfort, not sleep & do a lot of sitting around.

Anyway, this is the finished Hitchhiker scarf that I did finish last month. I am quite please with it. I love the colours. I love the simplicity of the pattern & I love the effectiveness of it to wear. Come winter it should be quite warm & snuggly I think. In the mean time it is sitting at work on display. I used Magic Garden Classic Prints in 4ply from Naturally for it & really enjoyed using that stuff. It feels nice. I need to find something else I can use some of it for.

Last week I finally started a new ripple. Ahhh... the soothing & relaxing motions of a ripple blanket. Love it... I have been itching to start it for a few months now, but had to get my colours right. I have started now though ever so slowly with all that has been going on. But it's all good. I am just happy to be able to ripple away for even five minutes if that is all I get in one sitting. This ripple is for Dylan, so there isn't any hurry for it anyway as he isn't in a big bed for a long while. I just needed an excuse to start one, though since when I need an excuse I will never know! lol

Well it is a sunny Sunday so I should get the day started properly & see what the day brings - other than a treat in the Advent Calendar which BJ is thoroughly enjoying every day. At least I can get him to eat his breakfast quickly these days as he isn't allowed the treat until after he's eaten that. I really love this calendar though. I feel quite clever each year when I get it out again. I have to get another one now to make for Dylan I think. They are too nice not to have one each for them I think, though I don't think they are quite as nice as this one.

Happy Sunday to you!

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Taylor Made said...

That scarf has such gorgeous colours.....it is nice catching snippets of crafting in amongst all the busyness...helps with sanity I think.