16 December, 2011

Jelly Isn't Boring!

Especially if you are a kid!  We have been having the usual Christmas parties for the playgroups & stuff.  So what do you do for a bring a plate to a barbeque with dozens of kids?  Something easy for the kids to manage & hygenic for everyone without child handled food on the table ( I really hate that idea!)  Well most kids love jelly.  I had these plastic cups still from some other event.  So make a stack of green jelly, add to cups.  I got over-excited & then went & added ribbons to them all.  I got some of that squirty whipped cream.  I don't think I have ever bought that stuff before.  I had them all on a tray & added the cream before serving because it goes flat quickly.  The put the tops on & put a candy can through the hole in the top.  Quite cute & festive & it seemed the kids loved them.  Oh I did do some without cream too...  I know for sure that the idea is going to be used again for other parties next week, so there you have it - Festive Jelly Cups!

Glad we have run out of Christmas parties as the boys are just worn out already from all the excitement!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!!!!!! Janine xx

Taylor Made said...

I can certainly see why they were a hit with the kids....I don't like the little hands over everything either so great solution. xx