22 December, 2011

Kids Handmade Christmas

The resources available online are amazing these days.  I've had a bit of a browse around blogland this week & found some terrific tutorials for all sorts of things.  One page that really had me hooked though was minieco.  

There are a whole load of things there for kids to do.  Not just big kids but some a bit littler too.  So, we had a go at these bird feeders!  I had everything in the house!  I had bird seed left over from our feeder that broke.  I think our visitors got too fat & the bottom fell off the top!  So along with the plastic cups that I had 4 of after making jelly last week & some lolly pop sticks & twine, I even found a block of lard in the fridge. Ready set go!  To see details check out the bird feeder details.  It really is easy!  BJ managed it quite well.  I did get the cups ready.  He did all the mixing & spooning into the cups yesterday.   They have been in the fridge over night.  

Here we have one ready revealed bird feeder.  We have 3 which is pretty cool, so each set of grandparents will get one on Christmas Day.
BJ wrote some tags & I tied them up ready.  They look pretty cute.  I have left them in the fridge though.  It's pretty warm at the moment & I don't really know how well they are going to hold up in the summer.  They probably really are more sensible for the winter but oh well, if that is the case it was fun all the same & it is something that BJ has made himself.
I can't believe it is almost Christmas already!  Only 3 more big sleeps!  But who is counting!  lol  

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Taylor Made said...

How proud does he look with his gift making....what a good mummy finding such a lovely idea for him to make and then gift on to grandparents. xxx