01 July, 2011

Fat Me & Other Stuff

So I have a bit of catching up to do. It's a bit rough when you don't get computer time anymore cos your 3 year old hogs it! Sheesh! Who woulda thunk that huh? But BJ navigates his way around iview ABC for kids all by himself now, just from watching us doing it for him a bit.

I finished work the other day - good & bad. I will miss it & will need to go in for a catch up regularly if I can. So today is my first day home with BJ in day care! Wow! Bonus! After our week last week I need a bit of time out I think.

Here's a picture of fat me anyway. Not an attractive picture cos I don't do nice ones, but fat me all the same. This is 37 weeks. Poor baby has second child syndrome happening already being very neglected in picture department already!

I had said recently that I had been working on a bunch of other things & hadn't taken pictures yet. Well now I will really scare you with another one of me! Ooops, sorry about this. This is my Baktus Scarf that I knitted with sock yarn. I really like it. (just don't like the picture with me in it! Squinting in sunshine btw) It is a Spotlight sock yarn & is slightly scratchy but it is surprisingly warm & not so annoying in the scratchy on the skin like I thought it would be. It's great to wear because when outside with it you can pull it up over your face a little to keep the cold off a bit more. Also it is starting to stretch out a little which is good as I didn't think it was long enough. It was a good project to knit up though as it is all knitting & thoughtless. Very handy at times.

Another thing I have been doing but just in the last week are these little girl hats. While sitting around in waiting rooms etc at hospitals last week I was prepared with knitting & crocheting stuff depending on what I would be in the mood for. Good thing too, as I spent the day in the company of another lady who was doing the same thing. We did a pattern swap on the day & I got stuck into the pink hat here right away. I have been able to churn out a couple of hats since. They don't really take long at all. The pattern is actually one used by the Samaritan's Purse for hats to go in their Christmas boxes. It's a Girls Shell Edged hat which you can find here. I have actually made these now for a playgroup fundraiser, as this is easiest for me at the moment to contribute this way. Hopefully next week when we have our little stall they all go well. I will try to do another couple yet. If they don't go there there will be plenty more to give them away too.

The pink one is done in a cotton/acrylic, My Friends Pallete collection. The next 2 are done from Moda Vera Cashmere/merino blend & the 4th is in Patons Smoothie DK. I really love the feel of this one, it's so smooth & soft. It's only an acrylic but does feel so different than many. Each hat is taking just over a 50g ball. What a good way to use up some of those odd balls of yarn that I have picked up on sales etc but they aren't enough to actually make much else with. Bonus! So I am getting through some stash which is great. I will try to be sensible in what I buy from now on. lol That won't be difficult, knowing what is coming into work in the next little while. Hmmm..... There are some really nice yarns out there. I can't wait till I can get back to work, all going well at home, so I can keep up with all the cool stuff out there in craft world!

I have yet another catch up picture or 2 to come, of some knitting & stuff so hopefully I can get that posted, even though I would be quite happy if I didn't if baby decided to make an appearance already. (please do Baby!)

Almost the weekend so enjoy it!


Full Little Tummies said...

Where is the fat? You are all baby!!! Love the cute hats! :-)

Taylor Made said...

I love seeing baby tummies...so glad we have got to see yours before it is gone..You look great ...stay well.

Kim said...

Oh, I didn't know you were pregnant again, congrats! Not long to go now....