26 June, 2011

A Long Awaited Ta-Dah

My Rainbow Ripple blanket is finished! Yay! I was determined to have it finished today. Fortunately I had been sewing ends in a bit as I went so it wasn't quite so daunting when I finished the last 3 stripes this morning. I am quite pleased with it though probably more sick of looking at it for now. I told BJ yesterday it would be finished today & he said he didn't need it. But once I put it on his bed today to take a picture he decided he wanted it after all & had to hope in bed to say Cheese.

It's been done in Panda Magnum acrylics, 7 colours randomly striped, except when I got to the end I decided how many more rows I would do & then did about the last 6 stripes in the same colours as the beginning so it is the same at either end. That way I won't obsess about which end I started on & finished on & won't sit there hopefully picking out which colours shouldn't have gone where or something. It's a good size with enough hang on the sides & ends of a single bed. I'm too lazy right now to go & measure it though!

I have a couple of other things I should be able to post in the next day or 2, just need to keep pictures taken which is the tricky bit at times. I have one day of work left & I miss it already even though I know I am ready to stop for now. So hopefully I will get a bit of time in to finish off a couple of other things before baby arrives too, though I don't mind in the least if baby comes any time from now & interrupts this plan. lol

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


melissa said...

Wow Mandy that is absolutely amazing! I bet it feels good to have it finished. It looks fantastic on the bed! Well done!

Catherine said...

Great job Mandy it looks beautiful, I love the rainbow ripple effect and BJ will have it to snuggle under for years to come. xo

Anonymous said...

You will miss having it on your knees while you were doing it. It would have kept you nice and warm. Well done, it looks good.

Melinda said...

That would have to be the BEST bed cover I've seen in a long long time. Colourful and very cosy. With luck, it'll last for many years.