04 June, 2011

A Quilt a Month

This is fast turning into a quilt a month postings isn't it? Hmmm... It's not like I haven't been working on anything else though. But for now here is a quilt that I did this week. The panel came into work on Tuesday & I decided I needed to make it up for a Baby shower for today. So Wednesday afternoon I did the quilting & sewing & then on Thursday I hand stitched the binding on. Voila. Done. Woohoo! I really like this one. I hope I like it long enough to do these next couple I have lined up to do though. I will try to get one done for work this weekend still. We'll see how we go since I seem to have a miserable child full of cold. Might be a snuggling weekend instead. Baby shower this lunch time was very nice & lots of nice things eaten & seen & shared.

More on the quilt panel for those who want to know. It's called Aldo to Zippy by Jenn Ski/Lilla Rogers Studios for P&B Textiles. I backed it & binded it with the limey yellowing stuff as my friend who received it today likes green. She doesn't know what her baby is yet so that's cool. It will be nice for a girl or boy I think. I hope so anyway as I have another or maybe 2 more to make for people who don't know what their baby is yet. Cool! Don't you love the surprise factor?

I have been doing a lot of knitting & crochet in between everything else going on in life right now. It is keeping me grounded & rested a bit so that is nice. I try to do some every day, even just a little. But my day ends quite early these days so I don't get as much done as I would like before I need to conk out in bed. Only 7 weeks till our baby is due so I am trying to finish up the few projects I have on the go right now as I don't expect much will ever happen for a while after baby makes an appearance.

I will try to get more posts in this month than last month. That won't be hard. One more & I have doubled it. Ooops...


Taylor Made said...

Good to see you still getting lots done...is it really only 7 weeks? where does the time go...I know crafting for everyone else!

Sally said...

I know! I know!!! It is so hard to fit it all in isn't it... gotta say that I've found blogging a bit tricky with the sheer exhaustion that I feel at the end of the day. Your quilt is beautiful - as always. Hope you're getting lots and lots of rest. Take care xoxo