12 June, 2011

My Boy is 3!

I know everyone says it, but I must too now... Where does the time go? BJ turned 3 on Friday, though we kept Friday a non-event & made it an all day event on Saturday due to work & care on Friday. Saturday was a great day if a day late.

Friday night we were doing our baking & decorating. I can't take credit for this cake though -Stuart made the cake. The cake, the icing & the decorating was left to him. Actually it worked out well I think. Two opinions in jobs like this often result in stresses. Since he was home baking the cakes on Friday I asked him to do a drawing of how the construction site should look, based on the lollies & stuff I had picked up a week ago. (That was my contribution - finding fun things to use for decos & the vehicles! lol) Stu did a good floor plan of the ground & well, I left him to it. It's cool. BJ loved looking at it. The kids that came for the little party in the afternoon loved it - to look at more so than anything as I don't think kids really eat cake much. The chocolate rocks on the piles & around the edges were a huge hit though & the kids soon polished off the lollies that they got on their piece of cake & left the cake. No problem there, they were too busy playing & that's much better for them.

BJ was a fiend while Stu was trying to light the candles. Finally got a sort of picture of him with candles still lit! He was blowing out the matches before Stu got a chance to light any!

So Stuart was resorting to drastic action in the end to try to keep candles lit long enough to sing the song & stuff! Didn't happen, but we tried! lol He was a very excited little boy about the candle bit I think. They end up seeing so many other kids having a turn it is extreme fun for it to be all yours to do!

Here he is in the morning with one of his presents. It's one of those V-tech computers. I had no intention of getting any such thing until I saw this in Kmart last week for such a bargain price I couldn't leave it behind. In fact, I should have got the other one as well for someone else to give their kid. Oh well, I didn't at the time, but it is pretty cute & boy he looks like a pro navigating his way around that thing. Computers & the handling of a mouse seems second nature to these little ones already.

Oh you can see the Thomas Tank engine buildings in the front of the picture. He got those as well. Good fun to drive trains through all sorts of buildings & things it seems.

After a rough start to the week with most of us here being sick we finally had the excitement of the birthday without having to have postponed it after all so that was a nice end to the week. Now I can have a bit of relax as the place is quite tidy & clean still. So I might get a bit of knitting done today & we'll see what else. I think it will be just lots more play with the orange computer, listening to very loud firetrucks that dance all over the floor, drawing, playing Thomas tank engine, painting & blowing bubbles the size of a balloon! Honestly, they were as big as balloons. I have never seen anything like it. So no doubt more giant bubbles will be on the agenda this afternoon! Probably more of the same tomorrow since we have a long weekend! Yay!

Stay tuned for tomorrow hopefully & I will show you some more pictures of some of the things I did for the party. My decorating for a party on a budget! lol It turned out pretty good I think!


Taylor Made said...

Happy Birthday BJ!...cakes are always much more fun to look at than actually ate. i have made a fair few that looked great but we were eating cake for weeks!

Karen said...

Hey Ruby had such a great time yesterday at Brandon's party and she thought the cake was excellent!! Stuart did such a fantastic job with it!! It was awesome:-) Well done to both of you:-)
Karen and Leigh
and kisses and cuddles from Ruby:-)

Melinda said...

He's a lucky little boy. I love how the digger made a hole in the icing.

Sally said...


What a wonderful cake. Well done Stu! Fancy pancy! ... and good work finally getting those candles lit. Excitement + sugar = ???