21 July, 2011

Baby Cuteness

A few weeks ago I splurged on a crochet magazine, Inside Crochet Issue 16 from April. I haven't bought any mags for ages as I haven't been able too. But that day I did. I needed something to sit & read as my craft mojo was lacking. Turns out it was hardly a surprise since DJ arrived a few days later. But the mag was great company in hospital as it turned out. I read it pretty thoroughly during our 2 stays in there. I was eager to get some baby wool to whip up the Baby Sneakers in the mag too.

They turned out pretty cute. I would have liked white or cream for them, but there wasn't any in this wool. I used Naturally Baby Haven for these. I wanted to try it out. I didn't like it much to crochet with as it is a splitty wool. Grrrr..... on a hook that is annoying. Might be better to knit with. Anyway, these are my Baby Sneakers. They even turned out the same size! ( I knitted bootees a long time ago & they weren't when I had done them both! lol)

Just another touch of baby stuff, DJ is due today! I'm so glad he came as early as he did! We get a lot of this sort of thing going on around home at the moment! Sorry about the sunny patch behind BJ. The rest of the pic is cute though.


Lee-Ann said...

congratulations to you all,
and what does DJ stand for.
and love the booties ..

Anonymous said...

How cute is this photo!!:)

creative kate said...

your baby is so cute Mandy, both kids are cute!
Kate :)