22 November, 2010

Scarves for Ethiopia

A friend of mine is working on a project for children in Ethiopia. This is one I was able to help out a little with. So this morning I have been chopping up a pile of polar fleece for the scarves & I am currently fringing them. I bought the white fabric & she actually found the rolls of red at Spotlight for 99cents! Wow! With the aid of my rotary cutter I was able to cut through the roll in no time. Yay! So I called my friend at Full Little Tummies & she is going to bring the rest over so I can cut those. She has been doing them all by hand with a pair of scissors. I am happy to be able to help out with some time on this project. Don't you think Gifts of Time are often more valuable than gifts of things?

I will change the subject completely from the scarves now. With Christmas coming very fast, I was quite saddened recently to talk to someone about their expectations with gift giving. Yes it can be fun but when it becomes a huge burden both financially & having to purchase for a large extended family it becomes overwhelming & the true spirit of giving is lost. It still bothers me in my mind that Christmas becomes a pressure & stressful time just based on the gifts! I know it is hard to find gifts for parents & grandparents particularly. I have the problem myself. But we have come up with some great gifts over the years of gifts of time of a fun event to be held later on in the new year.

I think that time gifts can often be the most appreciated. Do you know someone who is going away for an extended holiday or through the summer a short holiday even. Print up some vouchers you make yourself & offer them a lawn mowing service while they are gone. Or watering their gardens while they are away. How about offering a meal with your family a few times over the following year. The gift that keeps giving. lol Or if you can't have them over, make them some frozen dinners. This is an idea that may seem strange but what about a meat hamper from a butcher (I know it isn't a time gift so much, but it is a different idea!) . Meat has got expensive hasn't it? So why not gift someone with a few different cuts of meat. In Australia it is a great time for barbeques, so a barbeque meat pack would be great don't you think. (unless you are vegetarian of course & then a vegie hamper would be just as special!) I know if someone gave me a tray of meat for Christmas I would be excited! If someone offered to mow our lawns or spend a couple of hours weeding the garden I know I would be truly grateful & excited. It doesn't take much to make me excited! A gift of time is precious these days.

So back to the scarves for the children in Ethiopia. If you wonder why Ethiopian children need a scarf, read my friends explanation in her post here where she was asked this same question. So I'm happy I can do something to help & give some of my time to bring these kids some happiness in their lives with something so simple & we take the simple things for granted.

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Great job. Much easier nas quicker that knitting them.

Taylor Made said...

Hey good job...We did these scarves for our Christmas in a shoebox project....much quicker than knitting when we had 100 to do!.

crafTlyn said...

Giving time is good, cause although we are all busy it is a commodity that costs us little and yet can be so rewarding. There will be happy little Ethiopians running around with scarves!!!! XXX

Sally said...

Oh my what I would give to receive some "clean the dishes and clean the floor after dinner time" vouchers! Awesome idea Mandy. Really really awesome.

The hard to buy for men in the family are getting coffee cozies this year, the women shopping bags (once I've figured out how I sewed the lining in ... I've done it once before but now I can't figure out how I did it) and the granparents are getting a crocheted jug cover and a crocheted bird!
My partner Dave is the hardest one to make for... I know what kind of vouchers he'd like though ;)