15 November, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

I have had these letters & stars for a little while now with good intentions of making a couple of decorations for some overseas friends & one for BJ. We've had a nice day at home so I have been able to work on these & also some more block sets. Hopefully I will get thse finished in the next few days.

They should look ok when the letters are stuck on the paper which is stuck on the star. Then I need to find some ribbons or something for hanging. This wasn't my idea, but Kaiser cut out stars & their ideas I think. I just thought it was something different & would add to BJ's collection of ornaments for this year.

Have a good week. I sure plan too!


Sally said...

Cool stars! You're getting organised. YAY!

Catherine said...

That's a lovely idea Mandy. It's nice for little ones to have their own collection of ornaments to put on the tree.Enjoy your week.:)