21 November, 2010

Light Up My Life

Back in June I was offered a light by buyster. They wanted me to try one out. It took ages as it turned out as the one I picked out was of course out of stock! So I waited a few months & evetually it was delivered! Yay! It is a simple desk lamp. But very effective. Initially it only went for 2 hours & then stopped! Uh oh... So I took it for a new globe & luckily that was the only problem. I gave the little light the benefit of the doubt there as I figured it may have got knocked about in transit. Since then I haven't had any trouble with it. It is a small desk lamp but very powerful. I have used it in a few different places now. It is a great desk lamp for in my dark house. I used it while doing blocks a few times on gloomy days. It was great. I also used it for stitching under at night. It is good. Also for crochet. I really needed a good light for evenings & this sure is effective. I won't use it as a bed light. It is way too bright for that. Other than that & the globe blowing out as quickly as it did, I really am pleased with it. I hope it doesn't blow again in a hurry as the bulbs are $5 which is a bit crazy but if it lasts a year or so I don't mind. But every few weeks or so will be annoying! Oh & it does get quite hot. It is small & I do try to keep the globe away from anything like the back of the chair when I am stitching or something as I really don't want it to fry! It's a neat little light though. Thanks buyster!

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Sally said...

Oh that is so fabulous for you Mandy. Thanks so much for the honest review... good luck with the bulb.