02 November, 2010

How Cute!

Ok, so it is just a bunch of rocks really. But it isn't often you have them looking back at you!

These are destined for playgroup tomorrow & will be pet rocks of all colours & decorations! Sad really cos they do look cute in here I think.

I am actually thinking how fun it would be to have a bunch of rocks on the beach looking back at you! Wouldn't people do a double take? I'm thinking that might just be a fun project. Hehehehe... Might need to stock up on googly eyes.


Sally said...

Be sure to take a photo of them all decorated too!!!

Full Little Tummies said...

How very cute! I wish we could come tomorrow and decorate them. :-( In-laws are flying home and niece's 1st birthday party.

egebs said...

Love it. What a great idea.

Larissa said...

Wouldn't it be great to put googly eyes on the rocks on the beach - what an awesome idea! I love rocks - we basically live on one huge rock in the hills here, and my kids are always giving me little stones and bits of quartz for my collection. I love your little rocks in a box - may have to make some of my own!