17 July, 2009

Too many fish in the sea...

so I hung them up in Brandon's bedroom. These are felt fishes & things that I sewed, stuffed & stitched. I got some driftwood from the beach to hang them on & they look pretty cute. I wonder how long they will keep him entertained for hanging over his change table at the moment. When I get sick of it hanging I will take it down, cut out the fishing line & let him play with them. I made the patterns up which is probably obvious! My favourite is the seahorse. I thought he would be the worst but he came up quite cute I think.

Well, if the fish isn't on your line
Bait your hook and keep on trying
Don't let him get you down
There's other boys around, there's
Too many fish in the sea
Too Many Fish in the Sea - The Marvelettes

1 comment:

Bronny said...

Mandy I am stunned, no that's not the right word for it. IN AWE at your creative skills.

I think this is so much better than the expensive varieties found in baby shops - AND you say you created your own patterns!

Is there a shop around that would take your products on a commission basis? Of course that may take the fun out of creating them, knowing that you'd have to make them in a greater number.

You are doing wonderful work - keep it coming!