09 July, 2009

Get that Paparazzi out of my face!

"People are demanding pictures of me all the time! Darned Paparazzi.
Ok, just the one then. But I'm not very happy about it! "

This is Brandon's new scarf. I have been doing it in between lots of other things as it was an easy one to pick up & put down when I needed something that I didn't need to think about.
I've been pottering about with a few other things but haven't finished much lately at all. Very slack, or busy! One or the other. Well that's it for now. Not much I can say about a scarf really!


When I take a picture of the city it disappears
It’s only a photograph the city is gone
The places I go are never there
Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

I can only picture the disappearing world when you touch me
Taking Pictures - Sam Phillips

1 comment:

Melissa Goodsell said...

The scarf is just gorgeous and will be so snuggly for winter. He's a real cutie too :) I also love the sock project in a few posts below and my Mum just sewed the dog pattern up too in similar colours to you.