30 July, 2009

Cross Stitched Birth Announcement

Finally got this one done! It is so hard to stitch much at the moment. As a result, this has taken a little while to be attempted & done. But here it is finally. It's for friends of ours that had a little girl a couple of weeks ago - obviously! Shows how slow I am.
It's been a little weird here. We are kind of in quarantine while Brandon has an infection on his skin. It took a little while to get treatment for it yesterday but it is getting better already! It doesn't bother him though. He is still his cheeky self.
Have a good day!
Baby smile, baby smile
Baby laughing, baby crying
Don't cry baby, baby smile
all the babies in the world
They laugh & play
Why don't we all do just like them
Baby smile, baby smile, baby smile
Baby smile, baby smile, baby smile
Don't cry baby, baby smile
Baby Smile - The Kelly Family

1 comment:

Kim said...

Lot's of great finishes Mandy. I haven't seen you around at 123mb, I wondered if you were OK. I hope Brandon is better soon!