18 May, 2018

Taking Stock - May

Making :  gifts of food.
Cooking :  trying to make a few biscuits or something to cut down on packaging on shop bought. 
Drinking :  Back to the coffee!
Reading:  The Real Katie Lavendar - Erica James
Trawling:  a lot of pointless stuff
Wanting:  Designated Survivor to not be cancelled.
Looking:   at new recipes to cook for those that need it.
Deciding:  how many of some things to make for the Mother's Day stall at school.
Wishing:    holidays went a little longer.
Enjoying:  Autumn days.
Waiting: for a weekend of nothing.
Liking: the dent made in the cotton yarn stash. 
Loving:  my dog.
Pondering:  that saying "What goes around comes around"...  over & over again it happens!  It really does.
Listening: to knitting podcasts
Considering:  other ideas to make for mother's day.
Buying:  not much.
Watching:  Designated Survivor.
Hoping:  Juneau is OK.
Marvelling:  at how quickly a dog recovers.  
Cringing: at suddenly my dog is old.
Needing:  to be with my dog.
Questioning: this mother thing
Smelling:  rain
Wearing:  hand knit socks.  It's that time of year!
Knowing:  I am meant to help people with stuff...  
Thinking:  i need to find birthday presents soon! 
Feeling:  cold a lot
Celebrating: our wedding anniversary
Embracing:  my dog.

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