29 May, 2018

Fancy Schmancy

I have always been trying to challenge myself in my craft.

The latest thing was colourwork in knitting.

I started these socks way back in November, & although they weren't difficult I was not in hurry to work on them.  I think maybe because they were an experiment really & probably wouldn't fit when done was putting me off -  I can't think of any other reason why.

But having one and a bit socks done, I did pick them back up on the weekend & worked on it & magically it took no time at all.  It's so nice to have them done.  They look like pixels really.  Little dots of colour creating patterns but not so very obviously as colourwork usually is.  I just about ruined them trying to finish them off & I don't know if they will last long at all - they may fall to bits yet!  All part of the learning.  I will find & conquer another pair soon I hope!

Socks #8 - 2018

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love them. Just that one different coloured stitch in there makes it amazing.