05 May, 2018


I had been procrastinating over these socks for a while now.  I did conk out on the sock front after the work window was done.

Then I had school fairs & sickness to deal with so was also in no frame of mind to think on them.

I must have been feeling better this week.  So "Elf in a Blender" socks are finally complete.  My friend called the yarn that.  It has stuck.  We both have our elf socks now, but hers are so different to mine in colour.  But they are fun.

Another Fish Lips Kiss heel.  Not a bad heel.  But I have to wear these ones now to see how I like the fit of it as so far I think I still prefer the fit of the after thought heel.

Socks #6 2018

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Anonymous said...

A very interesting heel. I like the colours as well. I wonder what the next project will be.