21 September, 2016

Quilt 2

Another finish!  I'm really rapt it's done...  I hate to admit it but this was the second oldest UFO.  I just had to search & found the quilt top was made in 2012.  I had bought wadding for it at one point but used it in something else.  So had to get some more & now here it is done.  

I decided when I realised a long time family friend (long time as in 18 years I guess!) was having an 18th birthday this month I suggested to Stuart that we give this to her.  So yes, this is headed off to someone else!  It does pay to have them sitting about half done, as they will get used or given some day.  I hope she enjoys it.  

I even got a bit excited with the border quilting.  Not great at free motion quilting but it's fun trying!   I just hope they don't look at it too closely.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The border quilting looks excellent. I'm sure the recipient will love the quilt.