24 September, 2016

And Now For The Baking!

Pleading to bake started early today.  No good excuse not to as it was a bit damp out.  

Started with DJ & ANZAC biscuits & then chocolate chip cookies.  

While doing that I came across the Lemon Slice recipe that BJ had been asking to make for a few weeks.  So got that ready to roll too.  

Super excited to be able to say I have a third quilt finished off too.  This Sweetwater fabric range "Reunion" is a jelly roll fun & fast quilt I put together a while back.  Unfortunately I cannot find when, anywhere on here.  I can't remember when I whipped it up.  But now, it's basted, quilted & bound.  It will go in the cupboard with my collection of Sweetwater quilts.  lol  Oh & I quilted it with a template I made myself, trying to duplicate the 4 petal flower sort of design in the fabric.  I thought it needed a big sort of design on it some how.  I'm not good at it or anything but I guess if I do some it's called practice.  

I was reading something earlier about how people don't quilt their quilts for fear of ruining them so the quilt tops get put away for an age until they feel brave enough.  Yes, I can see why.  Have one of those coming up.  Anyway, it's nice to try something new & have a little play.

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Anonymous said...

Great start to school holidays for you.