06 April, 2016

Taking Stock - April

Making : knitted socks
Cooking :  as little as possible.  
Drinking :  herbal tea
Reading:  The Girl Next Door.  Simple, boring chick lit.  lol
Wanting:  My days home alone to not go twice as fast as the other days of the week!  lol
Looking: for some help for the big boy.
Playing:  card games with the boys most nights.  Super Tooth is our new one.
Deciding:  on which sock yarn to use next!  
Wishing: for calm.
Enjoying:  the end of term things.
Waiting: for the school holidays.
Liking:  the school principal & BJ's main teacher.
Buying:  New card games to play.
Watching:  The Bill on iview  & Nasville TV series.
Needing: to try all the long pants on the boys to see what shrank over the summer.
Smelling: Doterra oils.
Wearing:  socks!
Knowing:  about something special happening to the big boy.
Getting:  my sewing machine serviced at last.  lol
Feeling: overwhelmed by the big boy too often.
Snacking:  Easter chocolate of course!  lol
Helping:  DJ try to sound out a few letters correctly.
Hearing: an improvement in his speech, he is becoming 


Anonymous said...

The big boy is a deep thinker by the sound of some things. Enjoy any challenge that brings.
I wish it wasn't SOCKS time yet.!

Bron said...

I hope the holidays give you all time to relax and find the balance and help going forward for your precious boy xxxx