04 April, 2016

Super Socks

I tried something different in the sock knitting.  I did a bit of a pattern & the pattern even included a new heel which I ended up giving a go.  Wasn't so easy on the first sock but on the second it was a breeze.  I'm quite chuffed actually.

You know the really scary thing?  I didn't even try to match them up.  Actually I just started the second without caring as it doesn't bother me if they don't match.  But far out, if I had of tried I couldn't have got it much closer!

Somewhat proud of my big boy today - he received an award for trying so hard with his learning.  That's all we ask, that he tries.  


Bron said...

Big huge bravo to your clever boy.....and his clever sock knitting mama xxxxx

Anonymous said...

He is so proud of getting the award because he does work hard to learn.Socks look lovely. I'll have to learn how to knit socks one day.