18 April, 2016

Challenge Completed

I find myself trying new things with my crafting.  I have to continually challenge myself, even if it isn't something I will do again.  It's nice to learn something different.

So I had a cute beanie in my Ravelry queue for a bit.  A free pattern too can you believe.  The Baa-ble Hat.

So on the weekend I got to it.

Two days & I had turned it out.  Am quite pleased with it.  I had never done colourwork before & never really done a knitted pattern from a chart.  They always scared me as did working with multiple balls of yarn that were going to annoy me a lot when they got tangled & stuff.  So I figured a beanie was a good place to start & it went well & I enjoyed it & can now say I have tried 2 new things!

Go Me!  lol


Anonymous said...

I love it Great job! Well done.

Bron said...

Go you !!!!!!!
Now a selfie would be fun xxx