18 November, 2015

Ticked Off

Some more done for Christmas.  Two more table runners.  Another couple of things ticked off the list.  Enjoying these.

Not sure how I have managed to get as much sewing done as I have lately.  Turns out I was a bit sicker than I thought.  Not just a cough & cold.  It's good that I haven't been stuck in bed though.  

I obviously do too much of this too...  

Picture drawn by DJ today of me playing Candy Crush.  Bwahahahaha...  I love it...  I like how he drew the lollies so well in rows.  


Anonymous said...

Love the drawing! Table runners are gorgeous. Take it easy though until you feel better.

Bron said...

I have been such a bad blogging friend of late.....not sick but could do with some time curled up in bed....love how you are being so productive but sorry you have been unwell.

Great pic too xxxxxx