30 November, 2015

Play Time

How cute huh?  5 little squares all in a row.  Not quite finished but nearly.  This is a sample for at work.  All 3 of us at work are doing it, all a bit differently... this is in preparation for the Block of the Day 2016 quilt project.  Yes!  A day!  All.  Year.  Long...  This is just a taste of 5 squares from them all.  It should be lots of fun.

My work is the only supplier currently of fabric in Australia for the backgrounds & we will have other coloured packs available too for those that want to keep in with the batik fabrics if you don't have a scrap stash of those.  I don't!  I don't normally go for batik fabrics.   If you want to know more about it or check out a picture of the whole quilt look here at gourmetquilter.   You will be dumbfounded by the size of this & the cuteness of it...

I'd better go & sew a few more bits on.  I am missing the roof of the birdhouse still.  He got lost at work last week.  So he will look better next time.

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