10 June, 2015

Minecraft Day

An early start to the day for us all.  Birthday boy & his little brother were beyond excited!  

Early morning birthday haul.  Lego is always a winner.  

After school party with 5 school friends.  It was all about Minecraft which BJ lives & breathes these days.  The resources online are amazing.  All the printables I used are free.  The ideas are endless, right down to colouring Creeper faces on green party cups (& added the children's names on the back of each cup!) & also the green balloons that were all around the room.  It was fun shopping for lollies that would fit the bill of many of the Minecraft elements.  

A TNT cake.  TNT is rather important in Minecraft it seems.  (bought red fondant that looks rather pink!  But a 7 year old doesn't notice too much!)

BJ, DJ & a little friend all enjoy party food to excess!!!  lol

Party bags are an important feature for the children heading home.  Once one is given out the rest see it & they all want to go home so they can get theirs too.  I don't usually put as much edible stuff in as I did this time but it was hard to find themed things.  The Minecraft Hangers were on sale recently.  Bonus!  They are a keyring in a blind bag, so it's always a surprise what you will get.  A roll of Fruit Tingle lollies with a Minecraft printable wrapped over it.  A box of Smarties with a Minecraft printable wrapping paper over it.  Two TNT bundles that we had fun making out of raspberry twisters & a licorice wick.  A lollipop that isn't your average lollipop, in the front of the picture.  These were called Crystal Sticks on the packet even!  Perfect!  Crystals from Minecraft as well.  Couldn't be better.  Seems they were all rapt with their party haul.  

 Cake looked rather pretty in the dark with all it's TNT wicks glowing brightly before being blown out!

One very long day for all.  One very over tired, newly turned 7 year old.  He had a huge day with an all day excursion at school too.  What a bonus on his birthday that was!  So all in all a very exciting day, after a long time of much anticipation.  


Anonymous said...

It must have taken you a lot of time to get all that ready for the party. Brandon is now 7 years old. Time flies.

Bron said...

What an awesome job you did sourcing all that perfect stuff.....he would have been so excited no wonder they were up early.
Happy Birthday little man....now mum can sit up for a while and relax. xx