17 June, 2015

At Long Last

It's quite embarrassing really how long it has been since I started this ripple blanket.  It was when DJ was only 6 months old.  Check him out here!  Well it wasn't much use to him in the cot as I was intending to make it as big as BJ's rainbow ripple.  I did rows sporadically up until early last year when I discovered that a couple of my colours had been discontinued & I hadn't even thought about it while I had not worked on it.  It put me off as I needed it to make it look balanced with the mix of colours throughout.  

I did search high & low for some but none was to be found.  So I decided I had to make do.  I had counted the stripes on BJ's & was aiming for that.  I didn't think I would quite make it.  But decided instead to straighten the ripple ends & then edge it around.  I ran out of 2 colours in the end.  But it's finished at long last!  I'm quite pleased with how it looks.  I sure will be determined not to leave something so long again though.  

But DJ is in a bed now though so it will be nice this winter as an extra layer if necessary.  


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