25 April, 2015

Taking Stock - April

Making :  DJ's blanket  - long progress, now he is in his big bed he had better have it.
Cooking :  green tomato chutney/relish/sauce.  Whatever it turns out to be...  lol
Drinking :  too much coffee.  Must drink Green Tea I've been told.
Reading:  In Falling Snow...  still...  taking an age...
Wanting:  school holidays to last longer.
Looking:  for a knitting pattern that I really want to make.  
Playing:  Candy crush & getting rather annoyed...  
Deciding: what to do today beside washing, folding & ironing!
Wishing:  the washing fairy would come by.
Enjoying:  the warm day
Waiting:  for the footy to start to watch the ANZAC opening...  it's usually quite touching.
Loving:  the beaut day it turned out to be 
Pondering: The life of our ANZACS in the war...
Considering: what I can throw out next from my house!
Buying:  milk later on!
Watching: the local ANZAC service.
Hoping: my boys never need to be called to serve their country in a war.
Marvelling:  at the crowds that are attending ANZAC services.  
Needing:  to find someone that wants vintage sheets for making...
Smelling:  the freshness after a lovely rainy day
Wearing: scarves & cowls.
Noticing:  the cold is creeping in...
Knowing: how important ANZAC day has become so we educate our own little guys on it's importance.  
Thinking: of all these young men that took themselves off overseas for an "adventure" never to return...  
Admiring: the little girl at the ANZAC service that recited her poem without reading it...  
Sorting: boys stuff to sell, pass on, or donate.
Getting:  new shoes.  
Opening:  parcels in the mail.
Giggling:  at the little friend climbing & hugging BJ...
Feeling:  bloated.
Snacking:  Cadbury "Breakaway" hazelnut biscuits... new & soooooo good.  
Helping:  DJ write letters.
Hearing:  the Last Post...

1 comment:

Bron said...

On this occasion it is lucky I don't live closely...I would come and pick up the sheets from you......
The Anzac weekend was a long one for us and we so enjoyed e days....did lots of thinking too about all those lives affected by those wars...
Hope it is not too cold too quickly although wearing cowls sounds so lovely. Xxxx