07 April, 2015

Crochet is Back!

Only a little bit of crochet mind you.  

& not even good crochet!

This is another square from our group.  It's called Fall Blossom.  I wasn't really in the mood I think.  I did the flower over a week ago.  Thought I had better finish it off over Easter.  I did to a certain degree.  Didn't really like working the back bit.  Didn't do it accurately.  Just made the stitches fit.  So don't count stitches.  It looks right as I did do what the pattern said as far as what it looks like.  But honestly I could not be bothered with making it right.  So near enough has to be good enough for now.  It was too fiddly for my mind right now.  

1 comment:

Bron said...

Sounds like you are not ready to throw yourself into the crocheting just yet....it does look ok to me though....come back to it in a while and you may feel different xx