03 April, 2015

Noro Socks

If you aren't familiar with Noro yarns, you should get to know it.  It's amazing stuff.  Made in Japan it comes in the most amazing colour combinations & blends.

The only thing is, the colours aren't consistent.  There is no order to the colours on a ball of Noro yarn.  This is going to bother some people.  But for me, I like it.  I have used Noro yarns a few times.  I usually like them.  I love the vibrant colours.  I love the randomness that comes from a ball.

So here are my new socks.

Matching?  No.  Not even close.

But all from one ball of yarn.  See what I mean about the colour order thing?
Mismatched socks like this would really bother some people.  It doesn't bother me fortunately.

This is a blend of wool, cotton, silk & nylon this Taiyo sock yarn.  I don't know if I would use it again for socks as it doesn't seem to have any elasticity in the band compared to other sock yarns.  I think they will sag really fast.  (you can see in the picture how the bottom sock has a stretched band already & that was only from trying them on!!!)  

Also the yarn breaks!  Arghhh... It broke when grafting both heels.  Then a cuff broke a thread & so I had to mend it before it was even worn!  Not happy as this yarn is expensive. (I think it was probably about $27!   I don't mind paying good money for a ball of wool but I expect it to be a better quality.) So these socks are a bit disappointing.  But they will be warm I guess & make good house slippers.  lol

Oh, another thing is it made my nose really itchy!  I think that must be the silk bit.  How annoying!  Fortunately I am wearing them on my feet away from my nose.  lol


Anonymous said...

what a shame after all that work!
At least you know not to use it again for socks.

Bron said...

But the colours are soooo pretty. xxx