19 August, 2014

My Little Robber

& an excited Robber he was!  

DJ only does "school" for an hour a week.  It's at the primary school where BJ already goes, but it's a programme for 0-5 year olds.  Being Book Week this week of course he had a dress up too.  He was so excited & was waiting ALL weekend to dress up like a robber.  Finally he did.  He walked up to the class room growling "I'm a robber"....  He got a few looks from the school kids that were still on lunch break & saw him.  Was quite funny & he typically enjoyed it all!  

They have half hour of playing & this time all the activities were involving books.  This was really cool & he enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs in the goo...  sort of like slime it was.  All based on a book "The Dirty Dinosaur" which was also the book the teacher read before we left.  


Bron said...

He's too cute......we had dinosaurs in coloured stones last week at Playgroup....the goo would have freaked most mums out I am sure.....hmmmm worth thinking about hehehehe

Sally said...

Fantastic!!! He looks like an awesome robber.