11 August, 2014

A Mystery

I have been sitting around doing a little bit of stuff still in my weeks.  

I decided some time back to join this Mystery Afghan crochet along.  I prefer "Blanket" to afghan so I am doing a mystery blanket!  

Every couple of weeks on Ravelry the people doing this one get emailed an update for the next clues.  They are nearly finished I think but I was late getting round to starting.  So it's a bunch of clues telling us what to make for the pattern & that's it.  We don't know how it will end up yet.  

I used 4 colours that I had sitting in the cupboard that I wanted to use up.  Mind you, of course I am running out & need to get another ball of some colours!  

So here it is...

Clue 1A  (the centre part in mauve)
& Clue 4B (Adding the grey & the mauve points)
(had to skip a few clues as the grey is still attached waiting for the next clue for that one so moved on to some that I could do)

Clue 4C

Top Clue 2A
Bottom Clue 1C

Clue 1B

So there you go.  It will be interesting to see what happens next!  


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks very interesting. It will be good to see the end result.

Janine said...

This does look interesting. I especially like the petal pattern :)

Bron said...

That is a really fun way to complete a project....you are so clever. x