18 August, 2014




I know!!!!  

I don't do clothing!  Well not as a rule, it just doesn't suit me much!  lol  But it's that time of year again!  AGAIN!  I'm sure it happens more than once!  

What time of year???  

Book Week!  

Yep, dress ups.  
It's funny but it doesn't even occur to me to go & buy a costume!  I understand plenty do & that's cool.   But when I hear of dressing up stuff, my mind just thinks automatically that I have to make something!  

Cos that's how I roll I guess...  
My mind tells me so!  

(shhhh...  stop talking so much Mind!)


Bron said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear......we have not done costumes at school for the last couple of years....can't wait to see what you are coming up with xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well, a nice change from everything else. I'm sure you,ll be pleased with the end result.5108