28 June, 2014

Winter Crafting

Not surprisingly there is still a bit going on about the house.  Knitting however is a bit slower for results than crochet & that's what I have been doing mostly.  

This is "Tea with Jam & Bread" which is a terrific pattern I bought on Ravelry.  Love it.  It comes with kids, men & women sizes.  Started small.  lol  It is really a basic round neck jumper.  The pattern does include little pockets on front & is done in stripes, but for this yarn I didn't do all that.  I have since got further than this.  This picture was when I tried it on BJ to measure it on him.  I still did it too long & had to frog some.  But that's the beauty of top down knitting!  I have just started a sleeve today after a week of ignoring it & doing a bit of crochet instead.  

Oh the yarn is Cascade Pacific Color Wave in 303.  It is coming up great with the variegation!  

The latest square for the CAL is Bringing in the Sheaves.  Such a lot going on in this square that it made it interesting & a bit of a challenge with all sorts of other things going on at the time.  Monday evening with no power sure slowed me down as I couldn't finish it like I planned & it ended up being Wednesday before I got to it again.  

I have a nice collection of squares so far, but still not enough for a decent sized throw so I will keep going with some more.  It's been nice to have some different squares that I haven't made before though!  

It's been rather miserable here but it is winter so I am not surprised either.  But good weather to stay in & do something with a needle or hook.  A couple nights under an ever growing ripple blanket is making me feel like that is moving along too.  Eventually I will get to the end of that, but it will probably be when I run out of a couple of colours that I think are now discontinued.  Darn that.  But still a bit to go before it's done.  Stay tuned for that one.  That's been good on the colder evenings to work under - except for the evening without power!  lol  


Sally said...

Loving that jumper... better get to it though or you'll have to redo what you frogged!!!

Another awesome square. This one is super special - I think it is certainly one of my favourites.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful blue colour wool and the model is always very happy to do the job.
the crochet square looks lovely.