11 June, 2014

Ninjago Party Time

Well it is that time of year ago when we get our cake disasters happening!  Ok, this looks better than it really  is as you can't see the edges.   But the newly 6 year old BJ didn't care about holes in icing thank goodness.  

Yesterday was BJ's birthday.  We had a small party of boys after school which was a really terrific idea I must say.  Plus they are at an age where they don't need games etc for entertainment which was all the better.  The boys ate cupcakes (or not!) .  We kept the big cake for dinner time when BJ's grandparents & aunt came.  Two songs & two lots of blowing out candles!  Yay!  

I found a bunch of cool printables on line again this year, from the party invitation which was terrific!  Then the juice covers.  

Plus the ninja eyes...  These printed in pages of 4.  I cut them out.  Bought white bags & stuck on a colour A4 sheet to suit.  Near enough again for a 6 year old.  I wasn't totally happy with the colour difference but oh well, that's just me I guess.  No one mentioned the difference in colours.  (thanks grown ups! )  

Once again for the party bags I did add something more interesting & lasting than toys that just end up all over the place.  OK, they do the job of entertaining the kids & that's cool too but I prefer not to do that & do my own thing.  So a Kmart Ninjago dvd was a good option.  I did want a lego mini figure for each but the only ones out at the moment are the Simpsons ones.  Nope not happening.  Not starting with those as well!  I came across the Ninja Turtle figure pack in the supermarket.  That will do.  Some Ninja stickers & 2 very small bags of lollies.  That's it.  It's more lollies than I wanted to add really but oh well.  It's small.  The boys were rapt I believe.  

BJ had a great day!  He was very spoilt but had a great day.  
We are going to pay today though as I expect he will crash down from his extreme HIGH plus over tiredness...  All in the fun & excitement though huh?   Oh to be a kid & enjoy such things as parties like this again!  

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Bron said...

I love all of your party extras...the bag fillers were a great idea.
...and how good is your cake...so clever...just remember that the anti keeps going up with every party. Xxxx