03 June, 2014

Warm Hands

Just had to try these hand warmers on the weekend.  We have had a couple of cool mornings, & a couple of cold mornings!  Not quite so bad yet to be perfectly honest but apparently it is going to stay warmer than usual.  I don't know if that is good or not.  One reason it may not be good is that we don't get to wear our winter woolies so much!  But anyway, it seems the arthritis may be coming to some fingers.  So why not make some thing to keep them warm when it is particularly cold.  

These hand warmers were really easy if you are used to working in the round.  The simple 2x2 rib pattern all the way makes it look like cute cables without any difficult cable pattern!  So cool!  I did the size of the pattern for one & it was so small it was hurting my arm.  That was weird.  It was so tight on that my whole arm ached.  So I did it again with an extra 8 stitches & it was perfect.  So I have this nice pair now.  Oh I did add an extra 4 rows of pattern at the top end so it came up a little higher on my fingers. They don't take long to knit.  I think a couple of hours per mitt  - it just depends on how often you are interrupted by the boys!  lol  

Oh & I used Cascade 220 Aran.  So soft & squishy!  Perfect for hands!  


Bron said...

I remember those Winter Tassie trips I've had...and these would have been perfect...great idea. xxx

Sally said...

Good thinking. Cold hands are the worst - no strike that - cold hands are the second worst - cold feet are the worst.

Love your hand warmers.