10 February, 2013

Yarn Play

It's been a strange week & one that left the whole family quite exhausted.  Weird really, but it's only a week into school & I feel like we really need a holiday to recover from the week that was.  I think after this weekend, I know I am feeling a little recovered.  I think BJ is too.  He had a complete meltdown Friday night which was too be expected I guess.  I just hope that doesn't become a regular event, but as he adjusts to school & everything we get into our routine & sleep pattern more importantly!  Oh for some cooler nights to help us all sleep better.  

Anyway, I've had a bit of time for yarn things.  This is my knitting that I started the other week as a visiting mum in hospital project.  It's coming along & is my mindless knit.  It's going faster as a result of the need for mindless projects this week.  It's kind of become my "Downton Abbey" knit as I knit & watch that a bit too.     The pattern is Sonnentau.  I am enjoying it.  

Here is another square I have also done in the last few days.  It's been too hot for much else.   It's Rosy Wreath from the book 50 Fabulous Crochet squares.  

I've also picked some new colours for another blanket.  I redid the Pretty Petals square which was the first one for our CAL.  I like it & think it will make a nice blanket of just these.  So I have decided to do that with these colours for now.  

That does give me a dilemma though as I have almost done 25 squares in the pink/green colours.  Then I will have to pick yet another set of colours I guess to do for the CAL squares.  Hmmm... tricky.  I guess I will have to ponder that a bit & probably dig out the colours I have again & see what I have & try to use them.  

Happy Weekend!

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Bron said...

Wondered where you were this week...it can be really tough starting school...for everyone. Hope the weekend has been kind to you and you feel ready to face another week. It is really really hot here too...not a good start for my playgroups this week. xxx